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Liquidity Providing

"Where does the liquidity that allows us to open new swaps come from?"

From Liquidity Providers.

To access the service, simply log on to the address: for Ethereum mainchain for Goerli Testnet

Click on the "Liquidity Pool" in the top menu

How to use MetalSwap’s Liquidity Pools

With the "Create New Position" button,

is possible provided liquidity ( ETH, WBTC, USDT and the newest WPAXG )

to those who want/need to open a Swap using the MetalSwap Hedging Dapp.

Select the token desired and the amount of Liquidity to Provide

Click on the "Allowance" button to grant permission to the Smart Contract, pay the commissions and click on "CREATE POSITION"

pay commissions for this operation and wait until the transaction is confirmed.

Now is possible to see the Liquidity Providing NFT appear in the 'MY POSITIONS' section.

This NFTs is representing the liquidity locked in MetalSwap’s platform and will collect rewards over time.

MetalSwap’s NFTs are unique digital assets that are minted using a combination of pseudo-random data from various sources, such as the address of the user, the NFT's ID, the creation timestamp, the liquidity provided, the block height, and the difficulty.

These NFTs are generated directly on-chain so no decisions are made by any centralised server! This happens because we save only the creation parameters for the user position, and the single parts of this NFT, are stored in a multiple system of Smart-Contracts. In that sense the image is recalculated each time it is requested with read methods so the gas limit for the NFT creation, is not increased with the heaviness of the graphic assets.

As an example, the three different NFTs shown here are FULL FOIL, meaning they have a starry background and represent liquidity in USDT and WBTC, as indicated by the chip on the left side and their class, shown on the upper-right, which never couples. It is important to keep in mind that the various rarities of NFTs do not affect the rewards.

Let’s dive in it to have a better understanding, keeping in mind that the various rarities do not affect the rewards.

The pseudo-randomness is shuffling under the deck the following info, choosing one in particular for one particular NFT.

The first, on upper-right is the Class, that can be:





Then there is the Border, that may be Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. The colours of the background are chosen between 10 different variables.

And the FOIL probability is always rising depending on liquidity provided.

With FOIL comes the probability of the starred background.

The only non-random thing (except the ID of the NFT that is progressive) is the Chip, that remains relative to the liquidity provided.

At the moment we have 4 different Chips, representing:





By clicking on it, the following card will appear, with:

-Redeem Reward button. You are allow to get your rewards after a minimum 24H from the deposit.

-Add or Remove liquidity button.

-Transfer NFT: allows you to transfer the NFT‘s ownership to another public address directly from here!

Do not forget that the liquidity provided has a 14-days “Locking Period” before it can be withdrawn.


Please insert the amount of your liquidity that you wish to withdraw from your liquidity position.

Please note that penalties might apply if withdrawing your funds too early, before locking period has elapsed.

The liquidity corresponding to the gold asset is represented by WPAXG, a wrapped version of PAXG. To better understand this mechanism, read our dedicated Medium!

MetalSwap’s Liquidity Providing is LIVE NOW on ETH Mainnet - you can also try the demo on Goerli Testnet to play with it!