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Staking LP *NFT Uniswap

This UNIQUE feature created by MetalSwap is called NFT LP STAKING.

This feature aims to maximize the rewards already received from Uniswap's V3 liquidity pool.

This is done by staking the NFTs received from UniswapV3 after providing liquidity on the MetalSwap Dapp thus receiving greater Rewards.

Let's start by connecting the wallet to Uniswap's Dapp to create the LP Token.

Select Polygon network.

Select "New Position" and the following window will appear:

MetalSwap offers an opportunity to earn additional rewards through NFT staking. To be able to stake it on MetalSwap's platform and be able to use this feature you must deposit liquidity into UniV3's USDC-XMT pool with a 1% fee and a minimum value of $100.

If you don't find the XMT token in the dropdown menu, you will need to visit,

and copy the XMT contract for the Polygon blockchain.

$XMT on Polygon Network


Copy and paste the address into the "Select a Token" box and select the MetalSwap(XMT)

When the warning appears, read it and click on "I Understand".

The next step is to click on the edit button, select the 1% box and enter the desired amount of USDC-XMT in the "Deposit Amounts" box.

Set the "Price Range", check it by clicking on the "Preview" button and finally on the "Add" button

Confirm the transaction on Metamask and wait for the end of the operation.

The newly created LP Token will now be visible

Click on it to see the graphical details of your NFT and the summary of the operation just performed.

Staking steps.

Click on to stake your NFT.

First select Polygon Chain network.

Then "Pools" and "Staking NFT"

The main page shows the TOTAL LIQUIDITY LOCKED and the DAILY REWARDS,

the NFTs present in the connected wallet in the "MY NFT" section,

and for last, all the NFTs staked on the MetalSwap Dapp.

To be able to stake it, just Click on your NFT.

On the first set up, click the "Allowance" button to grant permission to the smart contract, pay the transaction fee and after the transaction has approved, you will see the "GO STAKING" button ready to be clicked.

The platform indicates the total value locked by the user and the amount of the rewards.

The rewards received are in $XMT and $WMATIC on a daily distribution.

After 24 hours, the Rewards are claimable at any time by clicking on the "Claim Rewards" button.

It is also important to remember that if the countervalue of $XMT falls outside the price range set on Uniswap curve, the staked NFT will stop producing a reward until the countervalue goes within the set Threshold.