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What is MetalSwap?

MetalSwap is a decentralized project that offers a Hedging Contracts operating platform.
The goal is to provide to professional and asset owner investors a instrument for mitigating market prices volatility.

What is a Hedging Contract?

The Hedging Contract is a risk mitigation instrument used by financial operators to manage the price volatility associated with assets.

This whole process takes place through the intermediation of a bank, which acts as guarantor in this centralized financial operation.

Why MetalSwap?

MetalSwap introduces Hedging Contract an innovative approach by extending the capabilities of a Hedging into the DeFi ecosystem (decentralized finance).

This innovation offered by MetalSwap provides major advantages to all users, including:

  • Elimination of bank intermediaries.
  • Supply of an always-available tool (24/7) regulated by Smart Contract on ETH blockchain.
  • Creation of a substantial cost advantage.
  • Accessibility to anyone interested in using this tool.

Why should you trust this project?

Financial hedges are the most widely used risk management tool in major commodity exchanges, especially within the metals industry. These markets operate within centralized systems, demanding financial hedging and access to banking services, which may not be readily available to everyone.

MetalSwap offers you accessible tools to address these challenges, providing a reliable and inclusive approach to financial risk management.