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Goerli Demo

MetalSwap offers all users the possibility to use the Hedging Contract DEMO service directly by logging in from the Dapp.
Fake tokens will be used in this mode.
Here is the description of the steps to make the most of it and to get the necessary Fake free tokens.

The interface can be reached at

Continue by click the "Demo" button from the top menu

To operate with the Demo platform on the Goerli network, the "Demo tokens" are needed to be able to operate exactly as if it were real but without the possibility of losing real funds.

Click on "Get Token"

If the wallet is settled up on a different Chain, a message will appear and by clicking on "SWITCH NETWORK" will open the wallet with the Goerli network already selected; confirm and proceed with the request for the "Demo Tokens".

The tokens needed to test the MetalSwap tool are WBTC test, USDT test and GOERLI ETH also used to pay transaction fees.
Is possible to add WBTC test and USDT test token info directly to the wallet by clicking on the two buttons in the "TOKEN FAUCET" section.

After that proceed by clicking on the two main boxes:

  • "Get Goerli Test WBTC And USDT", this operation can also be carried out once a day.

The Goerli crypto faucet gives users small sums of WBTC and USDT test tokens by sending some Goerli ETH in order to avoid faucet drainage by spamming.

  • "Go To The Goerli ETH Faucet" to obtain the ETH needed for transition payments.

There are many ways to obtain Goerli ETH; with that button we're linking one of the most known.
By clicking it, the following screen will appear where you will need to enter the public address of the Metamask wallet on which you wish to receive tokens, tick the box "I am a human" box, then click Start Mining and wait for the operation to complete

Once you have obtained the "Goerli tokens" click on "Launch Demo"

Once the MetalSwap Hedging Contract Demo platform is open, proceed to connect the wallet and select the Swap section from the menu at the top of the page

Now the Demo platform is ready to be used exactly as if it were the real one.
To see how to set up a Hedging Swap, you can consult the section DOCs Hedging Contract ETH V2 and Hedging Contract GOLD V2 .

The demo platform has all the functionalities of the real one, so if you want to know more about its functions you can read these sections of the DOCs: