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How to get XMT on BNB Chain

XMT Token 'Official Contract address:

  • BNB Chain

The PancakeSwap application can be found at the following link:

First thing to do is connect the wallet through the "connect wallet" button.

Choose the wallet and set it on BNB Smart Chain Network.

In case the network set on the wallet is not BNB Smart Chain, a hint window will appear asking you to click on "Change Network". Click to proceed.\

Once connected, in the top menu on the left, select the voice Trade and

therefore Swap to bring up the window through which to proceed for the token exchange:

At the top is highlighted by default the official token of the network BNB Chain (the BNB) that will serve as gas to pay the swap while at the bottom is shown the official token of Pancake (Cake).

By default the swap set up is settled with BNB in the top section used to input the amount of asset you want to swap and Pancake (Cake) on the bottom section; in this section the user can see the amount token of the new asset selected will receive.

It is possible to swap any token with any other token, the only rule is that both must be on the BSC network.

The swap will have a price (gas) independent of the quantity of tokens exchanged which will vary depending on the time of the exchange (more or less intense traffic on the network). This price will have to be paid in BNB (usually a very small fraction) so it is good to have a minimum amount of BNB in the wallet.

By clicking on the arrow next to each of the tokens shown, is shown a list of tokens to choose from, but to avoid mistakes or scams we recommend to always enter the smart contract of the token desire in the window provided.

The safest way to find a smart contract is to search for it on the CoinMarketCap website, copy the contract and bring it back to PancakeSwap. For example, if the user wanted to trade BNB to get $XMT, we would do the following:

Search on Coinmarketcap for Metalswap's smart contract (XMT).

As Metalswap is native on the Ethereum network, search for its equivalent token on the BSC network. Press the More button, select the first option (Bep20) and then copy the contract.

Follow this steps to get XMT token

In this section the user can change the tokens he need to swap. On the top, select the token desire to swap; on the bottom select the token wanted to receive.
To get XMT token, click on the bottom section:

Insert the $XMT contract in the box and click import

read the warnings and continue by clicking on "I understand" and import the token selected.

Click Import

Now the platform is ready to exchange any amount of BNB, or other token chosen, for the equivalent in XMT. Always remember to have some fraction of BNB to pay the swap fees.